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Vigil is privileged to work with fantastic customers, both innovators and those seeking innovation.


Elgin Roadworks

Elgin is a company dedicated to improving traffic conditions and traffic flow, enabling Highway Authorities, utility companies and works contractors to plan, manage and communicate better, helping the economy to grow and improving the daily lives of the travelling public.

When Vigil first engaged with Elgin, they had significant challenges caused by old legacy technology and architectural choices that were compromising the ability to scale their solution, a problem that was compounded by the inability to build and manage in London a stable team with all the necessary skill sets.

As a result, Elgin was able to become the leading roadworks information provider in the UK, with clients such as Google Maps and TomTom, and is currently expanding to Latin America.


  • Took Elgin from an idea to exit within 7 years
  • Provided all technology team members through company lifecycle
  • Resolved business critical technology challenges
  • Continue to act as trusted technology advisor

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Sphonic is the new standard for managing regulatory requirements and digital risk in real time by using a regulatory compliance technology that allows you to simplify complex technical and operational challenges such as client onboarding and new customer growth, KYC requirements, AML, fraud & risk prevention and detection—enabling rapid business growth

Sphonic had developed their solution using a non-scalable technology stack that was showing its age and creating a number of scaling and customisation issues. Although the development team was in general stable and knowledgeable, it was being strained by the limitations of the platform that had been built and carried a cost that was stifling the growth of the customer base.

Our solution was a complete architecture redesign, performed by one of our founders and industry leading expert in Scala and Distributed Systems, Nigel Warren, and the creation of a development delivery team in Lisbon that implemented the suggested architecture.

Sphonic have market leading domain knowledge and customer relationships but little internal technology expertise. Vigil were approached to provide a fully managed technology solution for both software engineering and infrastructure support.


  • Successfully resolved business critical GDPR compliance issues on platform to ensure BAU post May 2018
  • Replaced failing technology with a robust and scalable cloud-based solution
  • Manage all of Sphonic’s technology division allowing the Sphonic team to focus on business development and commercial success
  • Continue to act as trusted technology advisor

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Trainline are Britain and Europe’s leading train and bus ticket booking platform and app. Recently acquired by the world’s largest Private Equity Fund, they are embarking on an aggressive global expansion program. 

Dissatisfied with the incumbent outsourced off-shore provider in India, they approached Vigil to set up an API connections team in Portugal.

With a strategy to connect with all countries and each train operator Vigil is able to provide both the depth of expertise to unify two different legacy technology stacks and provide a technology roadmap and team capable of leading Trainline’s technology forward.


  • Successfully kicked off new team in 2018
  • Provided the skills, knowledge and expertise to work across two separate legacy platforms each based in two different countries

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PureGroup is a scale-up fintech embracing technological and regulatory changes and the impact this is having on the investment and savings industry.

Building a SAAS product from the ground up in a market requiring quick and often bespoke answers across significant scale is a complex challenge.

Vigil helped Pure Group with their initial architectural design, software engineering and DevOps. Once stability was achieved on the product we have worked to establish a nearshore team based in Lisbon to compliment to expansion and growth plans of Pure Group as customers are added to the platform.


  • Successful build of Proof of Concept
  • Migration from single cloud vendor dependency to multi tenancy
  • Establish Lisbon as centre of tech delivery
  • Continue to act as trusted technology advisor

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