Why we're different

Whether validating a transaction on a digital banking app, finding your way through traffic via Google Maps or TomTom, placing a bet in real-time on your favorite team or watching a live event on a streaming video platform, our work is experienced across many walks of daily life.

Experience is valuable, knowledge gained from lessons learned is often the most meaningful. Vigil combines technological expertise with a strong understanding of the impact on the business domain. We have a track record of guiding our customers on the correct path for technical decision making.  We are trusted by the European Union as expert technology advisors and evaluators.

Frequent, ongoing, well managed communication through our tried and tested best practices, result in increased sprint velocity and productivity when comparing our team’s delivery output to that of the customers’ other teams.

Single digit staff churn below 3%. We select our team members with care. We mentor, coach and encourage self-organising. Thus, creating a mature and engaging working environment for our teams.

We don’t only build technology and teams. Our customers continually have direct access to our experienced technical leadership team, contributing significant impact to our customers’ business success.

Close relationships with The Imperial College and Brunel University in London, the leading technology faculties in Portugal and our own Vigil team mentoring program, ensure we are able to provide exceptional access to Research, Innovation and thought leadership in practice.