Vigil welcomes Greg Clifford and Jonatas Rossi

#nearshore #portugal #scala #golang #london #technology
#nearshore #portugal #scala #golang #london #technology

Vigil is pleased to announce the addition of Greg Clifford (Architect/Technical Lead) and Jonatas Rossi (Head of Technology) to the team here in Portugal.

Combining Greg and Jonatas’ deep technical knowledge, experience and leadership abilities with those of Myles McDonnell and Nigel Warren gives Vigil a significant differentiator in the Portuguese/Iberian based tech sector.

Welcome on board Greg and Jonatas.

Here’s to continuing to combine the best of British, Portuguese, Brazilian and Dutch Software Engineering from Vigil Nearshore Dev Centre.

The mix of international leadership with the fantastic local talent is a powerful combination.

Success through Experience (rising tides float all boats)

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